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Slim Aarons. “Jazz Scooter - Lucille Armstrong takes control of the Vespa scooter as her husband Louis Armstrong displays his musical appreciation of the ancient Colosseum in Rome”. 1949. Rome, Italy. (Louis Armstrong & Lucille Armstrong).


Irving PENN Cigarette and Lips, New York, before 1961


I Am On My Vacation, New York, 1944

Irving Penn

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Photographer Justin Quinnell uses pinhole camera inside mouth

Source: The Telegraph


I want this

Uhm awkward… this is from Flowers in the attic (2014), based on the 1979 book by V.C Andrews… They’re brother and sister… they’ve been locked in an attic for over three years by their mother and grandmother. She’s Cathy and he’s Christopher, inside are Cory and Carrie (4 year old twins at the beginning of the book)… I don’t think you want this… but yeah, I guess is a good photograph, if only it were from some coming-of-age rom-com… 


Blue Rhythm (1931)

I can almost hear the distorted music on this 


Vivian Maier

From Self-portraits

La felicidad es estar en tumblr a las 7 de la mañana después de una noche de no poder dormir y encontrarse a Vivian Maier

Espacios favoritos #BuenosAires

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